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Artificial Intelligence Using Randomness

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AIUR 2.2

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AIUR (Artificial Intelligence Using Randomness) is an AI for StarCraft: Brood War.

The main idea is to be unpredictable by making some stochastic choices. The AI starts a game with a "mood" randomly picked up among 5 moods, dictating some behaviors (aggressive, fast expand, macro-game, ...). In addition, some other choices (productions, timing attacks, early aggressions, ...) are also taken under random conditions.

Learning is an essential part of AIUR. For this, it uses persistent I/O files system to record which moods are efficient against a given opponent, in order to modify the probability distribution for the mood selection.

What's new since AIIDE/CIG 2013 (AIUR 2.1)?

Scientific papers

Competitions and ladders

AIUR participates to annual AIIDE and CIG tournaments since 2011, and is currently running on krasi0's Broodwar bot ladder and on the Student StarCraft AI Tournament.






(no I/O systems in 2011)

Contact: florian -dot- richoux -at- univ -dash- nantes -dot- fr



The first and so far the only demo of AIUR

AIUR demo

AIUR vs Human

Two games against Bakuryu. Unfortunately, AIUR chose some cheese/daring strategies, so these games are not regular macro-games.

Game 1

Game 2